Fun twittersation with Advertising Weekly today

Every morning while drinking my coffee and after I’ve gotten the kids off to school, I sit down with my sun lamp and catch up on Twitter. This morning I caught the tail end of Advertising Weekly’s chat session (#AWchat). It was all about Super Bowl ads. I chimed in on my opinions about ads during the big game. Here are my thoughts summed up:

  • If I had $4.5 million to spend on getting my brand name out there, absolutely I would spend the money. Positive or negative – doesn’t matter as long as people remember your brand.
  • There are some people, including myself, who ONLY watch the Super Bowl for the ads. People throw football-watching parties so why not throw an ad-watching party? I’ve done it. It’s even more fun to watch them live than to YouTube them the next morning while you’re alone wishing you had a Super Bowl ad-watching party.
  • After watching an ad during the Super Bowl, I would be more likely (if it were food-related) to go out and buy that brand – be it Chili Bacon Jalepeno Doritos or Coconut Lime Raspberry Oreos. However, after seeing the ad (not food-related), I would more likely purchase a product after seeing the ad after I have done someĀ  reviews on the product.
  • By 2020, while TVs are getting larger and larger, I could see Super Bowl advertising taking the form of a feed at the bottom of the screen, much like news these days. Whether you think it’s annoying or not, you know you still watch those tickers and pay attention to the news feed at the bottom of the screen – and remember what it says. Also, I can see more brand advertising on football jerseys and footballs and on field overlays. Just watch that Oreo make a touchdown during a timeout! Kids would love it! And I bet you’d be out buying Oreos during halftime (if you’re not a Katy Perry fan – which I am so no Oreos for me during halftime.)

I also found an article this morning about H&M’s savvy marketing scheme last year during the Super Bowl. It was the debut of real-time shop-able TV in their Super Bowl commercial, of course starring the hotness of David Beckham. The big-box retailer partnered with Delivery Agent to allow consumers to use their remotes to purchase items as they appeared in the ad. If that isn’t advertising-savvy, I don’t know what is. Time to up the ante, marketers! T-marketing is the new pink.

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