Cute pic

I haven’t updated in a while so I thought I’d share a favorite pic. The kids are doing really great in front of the camera these days and Oliver is posing a lot and not running away anymore. I think it’s time for some pro shots soon – for the spring!! Enjoy!

Molly and Oliver

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What do you do with a Guinea Pig for a day?

Molly was *lucky* enough to bring home her class pet guinea pig for the weekend. “Princess Pepper” had a grand old time. Well I’m not really sure if she had a good time but the kids had a BLAST with her. Click on the pics for a larger version and description. (Oliver was practicing posing for the camera and took it literally every time I said “Look up at me for the picture” – funny boy!)

Nicely posing with Princess Pepper Running down the hall with Princess Pepper Going for a ride in Miss Spider’s basket Locked up in a toy cage - for some reason Oliver thought he needed to look up everytime he smiled Strolling along down the hall…or is it guinea pig suicide?

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Got lucky this time

Molly had her first dentist appointment yesterday. She was a trooper and laid still the entire time and held her mouth open when she was supposed to. No complaining whatsoever. And no cavities!! She doesn’t have any loose teeth just yet but it’s just a matter of a few months I’m sure. I’m sure she won’t quite like the dentist when she gets her first cavity (I had a mouthful at my first dentist appointment!). I keep using scare tactics so she’ll keep brushing, like ” You better brush your teeth or else the dentist will stick needles in your mouth!” And guess what, it works every time. This is our dentist, Dr. Cash. We highly recommend him. Just make sure you tell him we sent you! They are excellent with kids – they let her hold the suction thing. They called it, “Mr. Suck” which was very funny. So Molly felt she had control and that put her at ease.

Molly getting her teeth cleaned and poked

Molly with Dr. Cash

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New Years: Breckenridge

 We made a last minute trip to Breckenridge to spend with my family over New Years. I say “last minute” because Peter’s company made them take 2 weeks of furlough during Christmas and we didn’t have anything else to do. We had a great time! There was tons of snow and good weather! We had a great time sledding (we didn’t ski this year) and shopping. We also waited in line for an hour at the famous “Crepes a la cart”. I had a smores crepe and Peter had a caramel apple strudel crepe. They were delicious! We also took Molly on a gondola ride up the mountain. Enjoy the pics and happy new year! (Click on pic for a web gallery).

Breckenridge New Years

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Christmas 2008

We hosted Christmas at our house this year and it was great, except I was sick. I missed out on Peter’s first-time Prime Rib Dinner that I head was excellent! I managed to get around and get dressed but I couldn’t eat at all. Here is a photo-story of our great time. (Click on photos for larger image and caption).

Christmas Eve Kids in front of tree Molly’s Hannah Montana Wig Molly’s cupcake outfit and maker

Oliver opening his big truck Me opening my letter about the treadmill in the garage Christmas Lunch 

Molly and Aunt Heidi posing with cupcake Walden Family Photo 2008

Oh, and for those of you who wanted to know. Peter did take a day off work to drive to Dallas to pick up my coffee table and kid’s table from Ikea. But what I didn’t know is that he also found a great deal on his way back in Denton on an awesome treadmill with a TV, fan, iPod hookups – brand new for half price. They had the same exact one at Costco for double. He’s the man!

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2008 Santa Photo

I love Molly’s band-aid on her left leg. That’s a classic right there! Actually she wasn’t even hurt. It was an object lesson from class at church and they studied the Good Samaritan. I could have photoshopped it out but it does have a good lesson, especially at Christmas. :-)

Santa 2008

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Icy Road video- amazing

Check this time-lapse video out. It’s just like watching toy cars slide around. It’s in Portland, OR. I’m just glad no one got hurt.

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First sleepover

Here are pics of Molly’s first sleepover tonight with her cousin Rielyn. We did tried this sleepover when Rielyn was 4 but she ended up going home at midnight so this is take 2, 2 years later. Things have gone well so far. We took them out to Pizza Hut, they got bubble baths and they watched “Drake and Josh’s Merry Christmas” special while camped out on the floor. They’ve requested pancakes in the morning. Precious!

First sleepover

Sacked out

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The awesome rug

So we got this new rug for our new wood floors. I LOVE it. I searched it out and finally found it on and got a great deal and free shipping. The kids LOVE is also. When we got it they rolled around on it for 30 minutes like they were dogs or something. It was the funniest thing to watch. I took a quick video of them on it (you can also hear some of Oliver’s vocabulary). Enjoy!

Untitled from Kim on Vimeo.

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Halloween…came and gone

Pumpkin Patch 08

It was a week full of activities. We attended the fall festival at church, Storybook Forest, the Pumpkin Patch and finally Halloween night. Molly was a mouse and I made Oliver a “cut the cheese” shirt since I knew he really wouldn’t want to wear a costume. (Sorry to disappoint – Peter and I did not dress up according to Molly’s Halloween master plan). Enjoy the photos! Click here to view them.

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