Getting it all out

I’ve decided I need a blog. Well, I’ve had this blog for about 14 years but I thought it needed updating since 2009 was the last date I posted. So I got all WordPress savvy (not really) and put my excellent design skills to work – can’t you tell? I need a creative outlet, or just an outlet in general. Somewhere to let my thoughts out other than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever other social platform others deem necessary. So here it it – ta da! At the top you can see I have a menu link to my 2 businesses – Insomnia Interactive and Young Living Essential Oils. Also, I’ve added my 3, YES 3 twitter feeds to the left so you can just try and keep up with me. I dare you. So, welcome and hopefully I can continue updating this cutting-edge technology that I should’ve started 10 years ago.

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