Better late than never – fabulous 1st grade

Here are pics from Molly’s first day of 1st grade. This is a big transition this year since she is gone all day everyday now. It’s also a big transition since this is her 3rd school in 3 years. Pre-K was at one school, Kindergarten was where we used to live and now this school. But she got lucky and one of her friends from her old school also moved into our district and is in her class so that was helpful in her adjusting I think.

It’s a lot quieter around the house and I find myself going early to pick her up just because I don’t know what to do with myself. There are also pics of her and her ex teacher. They pulled her teacher out after the first week to do specialized reading and math and hired a new teacher (I don’t have pics of her yet). They said it’s because they had too many 1st graders. Anyway, I liked the old teacher but hopefully we’ll like the new one too. Also, the pic with the cookie is her birthday cookie at school. I surprised her and the class with sugar cookies from my favorite Eileen’s Colassal Cookies shop. Here’s to a fun year of first grade!

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  • Paul | September 6, 2009 |

    Where do she go to school?