What do you do with a Guinea Pig for a day?

Molly was *lucky* enough to bring home her class pet guinea pig for the weekend. “Princess Pepper” had a grand old time. Well I’m not really sure if she had a good time but the kids had a BLAST with her. Click on the pics for a larger version and description. (Oliver was practicing posing for the camera and took it literally every time I said “Look up at me for the picture” – funny boy!)

Nicely posing with Princess Pepper Running down the hall with Princess Pepper Going for a ride in Miss Spider’s basket Locked up in a toy cage - for some reason Oliver thought he needed to look up everytime he smiled Strolling along down the hall…or is it guinea pig suicide?

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  • Gina | February 5, 2009 |

    That is ONE PATIENT PIG!!! Did you have to drag her out of any hiding places? When I had a class guinea pig we were ALWAYS dragging him out of a deep dark corner. I don’t think being mauled by 3-4 year olds was his calling in life.