Got lucky this time

Molly had her first dentist appointment yesterday. She was a trooper and laid still the entire time and held her mouth open when she was supposed to. No complaining whatsoever. And no cavities!! She doesn’t have any loose teeth just yet but it’s just a matter of a few months I’m sure. I’m sure she won’t quite like the dentist when she gets her first cavity (I had a mouthful at my first dentist appointment!). I keep using scare tactics so she’ll keep brushing, like ” You better brush your teeth or else the dentist will stick needles in your mouth!” And guess what, it works every time. This is our dentist, Dr. Cash. We highly recommend him. Just make sure you tell him we sent you! They are excellent with kids – they let her hold the suction thing. They called it, “Mr. Suck” which was very funny. So Molly felt she had control and that put her at ease.

Molly getting her teeth cleaned and poked

Molly with Dr. Cash

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