Out of the mouth of babes

This is the conversation between Molly and I in the car on the way to the mall:

Me: So, you want to be a mouse for halloween?
Molly: Yes, and Oliver can be cheese!
Me: What are daddy and I going to be?
Molly: I know! You be a cow and daddy can be the farmer and he will milk you!

I’m not kidding. It was the funniest thing EVER.

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  • Rachel | October 3, 2008 |


    that is awesome. I read it to Dirk and it got a knee slap.

  • Cindy | October 6, 2008 |

    What is going on over at your place? Peter can milk you!!!!

  • Jeny | October 10, 2008 |

    Fab-u -lous! I am laughing out loud! I guess you have a very open relationship with your kids, huh?

  • Dustin | October 18, 2008 |

    I immediately thought of this line after reading your post:

    [Greg]”Yeah, you can milk anything with nipples”.
    [Jack] “I have nipples Greg. Could you milk me?”
    – Meet the Parents